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PowerGuru teams up with Bodo to get content

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Following the launch of PowerGuru in May, the agreed a cooperation with Bodo’s Power Systems, which includes the publication of past and future articles from Bodo’s Power Systems on the PowerGuru website.
This is a really interesting move as it blurs the line between custom publishing to promote specific products and the classic independent editorial content of traditional publishers. PowerGuru is a platform “provided by” LEM, Mersen, Proton-Electrotex, SEMIKRON, Sindopower, TDK Epcos, and Weidmüller, who clearly want to see their sales grow as a result of the venture, but the deal means that the site will also be offering high-quality independent editorial. It’s an interesting move, and if it results in an increase in the number of visitors to the site – currently PowerGuru claims the daily visitors are in the thousands – then it could prove to be a huge success. We’ll be watching carefully to see whether this proves to be a successful strategy, and if other custom publications follow suit.

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  1. Donald Dahl says:

    Hello, I am writing to inform you that the link to Power Guru in “PowerGuru teams up with Bodo to get content” is incorrect. The web address is, not .com.

    Donald Dahl

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Donald,

    Thanks for spotting the mistake: I’ve corrected the URL to be



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