Future Horizons will hold the 14th Annual International Electronics Forum, from 1st to 3rd May at the Hilton Malta, Portomaso, Malta. These conferences are one of the most important events of the year for the semiconductor industry and attract many of the industry’s leading figures.

Last year, David Manners wrote that “Triumph and despair met at the Future Horizons IEF 2004 conference which took place in Prague last week. Triumph that the industry is back in classical recovery mode; despair that the industry’s basic technology is running out of steam.” This year, however, we’re promised by the organisers that attending will “ensure your company is better prepared to benefit from the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead on the road to the global digital Utopia”. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic for a European audience. Editors (and executives) that are looking to drive the car of hope down that road to the “global digital Utopia” – as well as those people that just want to top up their tans – can register online.