The IET plans a dramatic shake-up in their magazine portfolio in January 08, increasing the frequency of the flagship title, Engineering Technology, from 12 to 21 issues a year. This magazine will also include coverage of the industries that are currently addressed by the professional magazines, killing off these seven vertical titles.

The move is an interesting one as the IET has always been driven by “special interest” groups focussed on particular topics. The new publication appears to be an attempt to create a “New Scientist” for engineers. At Napier we think this is probably going to be a good move, giving engineers a more rounded view of technology, presumably attracting more advertising and perhaps reducing cost. If the depth and quality of the specialist technical articles are maintained, this could make Engineering Technology a signifiantly more influential media channel for electronics companies, although the breadth of the IET’s membership means that this will remain a technology publication, and will not become a pure electronics title.