ED Europe, the online-only title that is trying to help us avoid chopping down trees to get our fix of the latest on the electronics industry has a new look. The new look doesn’t represent a huge change from last year, and opinions on the title remain divided at Napier. Those of us that like reading our magazines on screen like the PDF format, espcially as old issues can easily be archived. One change everyone would like to see is more of the screen editorial devoted to the editorial content: the masthead, navigation and space for the advertising (even when no advertising is present) takes up too much of the screen.

ED Europe, however, remains a pioneering title in the European electronics media. We hope that more online titles will follow ED Europe and create titles that engineers read in depth by investing in high-quality editorial control and easy-to-read layout, rather than sending out news by email that engineers will – at best – just skim-read.