After months of talking, the results of the AgLa survey are finally out. This is the study sponsored by E&E, Elektronik Informationen, Elektronik Industrie, Elektronik Praxis and Elektronik Journal to answer the Weka-sponsored La Elfa study.

So who were the winners and losers? Well not surprisingly the raw readership results are less flattering for the three Weka titles than La Elfa, although unsurprisingly even this study still shows M&T as the title with the highest reach. Elektronik Praxis does well, beating Elektronik to have the second-highest reach. Elektronik Industrie is another winner, “beating” D&E. In this study respondents are asked about the pan-European titles, which don’t score well, although EPN gets the highest readership (who says product books are dead!).

So what does this mean? Well like all studies this one isn’t the perfect solution to media planning – like all the others it provides useful information, but also can’t be the perfect answer. Even if the surveys were perfect, we still wouldn’t plan a media schedule by blindly chasing the highest reach (and there should be a special mention for Elektronik Informationen, which was the first title to contact me about the study, and to highlight the positive conclusions you can draw about the title from the study). Why not contact me for a more detailed comparison of the two surveys?