The organisers of Embedded World have released the results of their annual readership study. With the close ties the show has with Weka, it’s probably not surprising that the top three titles are M&T, Elektronik and D&E. Equally unsurprising, Elektronik Praxis follows Weka’s “big three”. But then the results get interesting. The fifth most-read title – according to this survey – is Elektor, and E&E is the third-highest ranking non-Weka title.

What does this all mean? Of course all the recent readership surveys have their limitations, and I could point to a number of different issues with the Embedded World methodology (for example there are several reasons why sample isn’t likely to be representative of the German electronics industry as a whole).But it does still offer us some useful insights: perhaps we weren’t going mad when we put Elektor on some clients’ schedules, and naturally E&E are going to be pleased with such a good result so soon after their relaunch. There is one thing for sure – it guarantees that the German publishing landscape will remain interesting throughout 2009.