MMG Publishing, are to launch a new website – (NB site isn’t yet up and running). The site will be targeted at purchasers, rather than engineers, making it an ideal partner for their current magazines, Electronics Sourcing and Electronics Sourcing Europe.

The business model for the site is simple: they aim to make this a useful resource for purchasers by posting a large number of news stories (releases), with more than 2500 stories on the site from launch, and 10 or more new stories a day. As other sites focus on designers, rather than engineers, MMG reasons that they can make the best site for purchasing professionals in our industry. Companies pay one flat annual fee (we understand this will be £495 per annum) to be sent a lead whenever someone clicks on one of their stories.

Will this work? I personally think the low-cost leads model will represent a great investment for many companies in our industry, particularly distributors and commodity product suppliers. I’m also really pleased that MMG have made my recent prediction of more lead-driven services come true. The real question is whether the site will attract sufficient users to generate an acceptable number of leads. Will users get frustrated when they get contacted if they access information on the site? If the site was aimed at engineers, I’d be sceptical, but as MMG has a clear focus on purchase professionals, who ultimately need to talk to sales people to do their jobs, I’m optimistic about‘s chances of success.