ElectronicsBOM.com has gone live. This new website – from the publishers of Electronics Sourcing – aims to be a resource for the electronic components buyer.
over 1,500
Overall the site looks pretty good – it certainly has impressive content, with more than 1,500 articles posted when the site was launched. The idea is also a good one, although it may need some time until the site can really offer value to purchasers.
Although the two sites take a different approach, SupplyFrame is the obvious competitor to ElectronicsBOM, although SupplyFrame’s main focus is engineers. Despite this, I would expect purchasers to use both sites, typing in descriptions of parts to get a list of suppliers and possible devices (with ElectronicsBOM providing stories whilst SupplyFrame serves up data sheets).
SupplyFrame has been established for a considerable time (although they have yet to get rid of the “Beta” tag), so you would expect it to have considerably more content. In fact the difference is huge – just try typing in “8-bit microcontroller” or “D-type connector” into both sites to see the difference.
The content, however, may not be such an issue for ElectronicsBOM. I would expect that the content is more easily indexed by Google, and with many purchasers using Google as their first stop for search ElectronicsBOM could build a decent flow of traffic.