Starting at the SMART Automation show, AUTlook is planning to offer video “highlights” of key shows, as well as the traditional written coverage. Although several electronics titles already publish video interviews, AUTlook is one of the first in the automation sector to do so.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this move is the pricing: like many publications AUTlook does not treat video in the same way as other editorial content. The magazine has decided to offer the videos at a cost of EUR295 – less than most titles that charge, but still likely to make a decent income with 20-25 videos per show. Personally I think that publications will struggle to charge for editorial videos in the long term, as it will simply be seen as another format. In the near-term, however, I think there should be some reward for pioneering with a new medium, and the fact that the charge is moderate is something that should be applauded.