So much for a quiet summer… SupplyFrame hit 2M unique users for the first time in August, an impressive achievement that they claim is the highest number of uniques for any electronics site. It’s certainly an impressive achievement.
So does this make SupplyFrame the industry’s #1 site? Perhaps not. Although the site gets a lot of uniques, they view fewer pages that they do on other sites. In fact the 9M page views is still less than the traffic to EETimes. Furthermore SupplyFrame is different – it’s almost like SEO, where content that might otherwise be viewed on the manufacturer’s website is viewed on SupplyFrame. But this simple approach definitely works, and the SupplyFrame system can produce reasonably good leads, something other sites struggle to achieve.
Whatever the pros and cons of the site, getting so many visitors is a fabulous achievement, and I’m watching closely to see if the site can become the number one site in terms of page views. Place your bets now!