ICC Media is offering lead generation programmes on their Embedded-know-how.com portal. The packages are designed for a range of different marketing materials such as white papers, webinars and videos, and include promotion of the item on both the home page of the portal as well as in two issues of their 30K circulation newsletter.

Clearly advertisers increasingly want tangible results and greater accountability from their campaigns, and I’d expect more publishers to offer such services. Whilst the ICC package is a relatively small adder on the cost of hosting the material on the website, they are not offering a guaranteed number of leads. Whilst this means that they will be able to focus on delivering high-quality, I’m sure as the lead-generation market becomes more competitive, there will be pressure to offer a guaranteed maximum price per lead. By being one of the first to offer lead generation – along with larger sites such as ElectronicsWeekly and Elektroniknet – I’d expect ICC to build valuable knowledge that will help ensure their lead generation package remains competitive as others enter the field.