We’ve recently completed a great project with ACAL: we co-sponsored a project at the University of Chichester where students were asked to produce viral videos about ACAL. Could these creative students make electronics funny? You can find out on the ACALTech YouTube channel – look out for these videos that were all part of the project:

  • The Dating Game
  • The Evolution of Electronic Design
  • Not Just Any Component
  • The Personal Touch
  • The Machines are Talking!
  • The Switch Specialist
  • Those Electronics Are A Nightmare

Let me know what you think of these videos: are they funny? Will they go viral? Can electronics ever make you laugh? I strongly believe that electronics is fun (I used to be a design engineer), and that video will be an increasingly important marketing medium in our industry. If you have an idea for a video project – whether it’s a funny viral, an in-depth technical presentation or a video case study – why not contact Napier to find out how we can help?