It’s sometimes easy to focus too much on the latest exciting new chip or hardware announcement and forget that embedded systems typically have more software than hardware engineers. I’m grateful that I’ve get to work with wonderful software clients such as Programming Research, and am always keen to see publishers and event organisers treat software as a priority.

It’s even better when we can say that the Europe leads the way, which is definitely the case for the Embedded Software Engineering Kongress. The organisers of this event, MicroConsult und ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS, confidently tell me that, with over 600 visitors expected for this year’s event, is the leading embedded software event in the world.

If you want to participate in the ESE Kongress, you need to submit an abstract online by 14th May.

As Johann Wiesböck, Editor in Chief and Publisher of ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS tells me, "Software is the future…"