UBM has formed a new company, UBM Electronics, by merging EE Times groups with the electronics properties they gained when they acquired Canon Communications. This move will surprise no one, as the large publisher moves to try to make the “synergies” of the acquisition drive increased profit.
I’ve worked for large and small companies, and the one thing that seems to characterise the larger companies is constant reorganisation. The electronics division of UBM is a great example of the constant reorganisation: two and a half years ago CMP’s Electronics Group became TechInsights, then just over a year ago TechInsights was restructured forming EE Times Group, and now we have UBM Electronics. I guess that a change of name was inevitable after the Canon acquisition, but I worry about the constant reorganisation. Hopefully UBM will get back to focussing its efforts on supporting the great editors they have, rather than continually spending time on internally-focussed organisational changes.