This year Weka are again running their eyetracking survey, which is free for advertisers that place a 1/2 page or larger insertion in one of the special issues, and is available for a small surcharge for 1/3 page advertisers. Eyetracking is available in the following issues:

  • Computer & Automation 06/11
  • Elektronik 06/11

This year Weka is also offering eyetracking studies of banner ads and websites. These are offered for an additional cost, and advertisers can access the online research even if they don’t place a print advert in the eyetracking issues.
In addition to eyetracking, the publisher is also running their copytests, where a telephone survey is used to analyse the effectiveness of print adverts. Participation in this study is free to advertisers placing a 1/3 page in one of the following issues:

  • Computer & Automation 08/11
  • Elektronik-automotive 08-09/11
  • Elektronik 22/11

It’s great that Weka offers these services to help advertisers understand how (or if!) their adverts work. The charges for the eyetracking study are modest and the data from both studies have always proved useful to clients who want to ensure their creative is as effective as possible. The move to measuring online – as well as print – advertising is not surprising, and I hope other publishers follow Weka’s lead and offer similar useful services to advertisers.