I was delighted to be able to talk with the people behind Electronics-Video, who told me about the developments happening on the site over the next few weeks. The focus is on supporting the video content with additional material, and so alongside the video, users of the site can upload assets such as PDFs or just put a link to more information.
The site will add some product news to its content, which will also be featured in the email newsletter. Perhaps more interesting is that they now have a part-time editor working with them, which will also help in selecting great videos for the newsletter.
Electronics-Video tells me that there are a number of “heavy” users of the site, uploading tens of videos per month. For these users – and for companies that have yet to upload their back catalogue of video – the site will be adding a bulk upload facility.
Finally I understand that there will be a fresh new look to the newsletter, hopefully before the end of the year.
I’m a big believer in video as part of the marketing mix, and I’m delighted that the focus at Electronics-Video is on increasing the features available for all users of the site, whether advertisers or not. A better site, however, will attract more viewers: this is the right way to convince companies to spend their precious advertising budget!