PR and marketing teams often spend hours perfecting the language in press releases and other marketing materials, but then fail to translate the content. This means that – in Europe at least – the majority of your audience are trying to understand content written in their second (or third) language. Marketing teams that imagine their carefully crafted English is communicating the exact meaning they want are simply fooling themselves as translation errors and cultural factors inevitably interfere with the message.
So I[m always delighted to see new publications in local language, particularly for countries that don’t have the largest electronics industries., part of the larger portal, is a new site that gives marketers an effective channel to reach Bulgarian engineers. The publisher, TLL Media Ltd., is well established, and has a strong portfolio of engineering magazines. contains 11 vertical portals, including, and promises to cover companies, markets, products, technologies, and services.
Whilst it does take more effort to communicate in the first language of your audience, I know that the greater impact you achieve is definitely worth the effort, and we’re going to be working with the new sites for our clients’ Bulgarian campaigns.