Jim Turley is a big name in the world of processors and embedded design, and a great addition to the OpenSystems Media (OSM) team. Interestingly Jim has been hired to moderate webcasts: the popularity of webcasts seems to continue to grow in our industry, and the appointment of someone as well-known as Jim specifically for this medium emphasises the trend.
Many companies and publishers, however, still don’t produce or get involved in webcasts. Most of our clients find that webcasts exceed their expectations: we’ve had clients setting targets of around 30 attendees, and then finding that 100 potential customers sign up! I also think that webcasts are going to be more and more important for publishers: readers want to consume multi-media content, and publishers that remain tied to the written word are simply less interesting.

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz., May 15, 2012 – OpenSystems Media (OSM), LLC today announced the addition of a new embedded moderator, Jim Turley, internationally-known industry leader and editor, effective immediately. He is the former Editor-in-Chief, Embedded Systems Design magazine and Embedded Systems Conference Chair. Turley will be working with OpenSystems Media moderating embedded webcasts and virtual events. Turley will be the Embedded Moderator for Embedded Computing Design magazine.

OSM is one of the largest providers of editor-moderated webcasts in the embedded space. OSM, the leading producer of embedded E-casts in the industry, continues to be successful with their webcasts because they provide the right tools, leading editorial staff, and a robust streaming architecture, which delivers a seamless experience for online attendees.
The first major initiative is OSM’s Fundamentals of Embedded Computing webcasts.