Publishers are always hitting milestones based upon the number of issues published or years since the launch of the magazine. Sometimes there’s some good editorial content, but often these anniversaries slip by almost unnoticed. So I was impressed to hear that Svet elektronike will publish with a hardback cover to celebrate the 200th issue in September 2012.
The 200th issue will feature a selection of the best articles that the title has published, and the publisher promises a few more “candies” for readers! Despite the obvious increase in costs due to the hard cover, the magazine will also offer discounts to advertisers who would like to participate in this special edition.
It’s good to see that Svet elektronike is really doing things right with this special issue: a hardback edition will definitely stay on readers’ shelves for some time, which surely will encourage advertisers to take advantage of the additional exposure it will generate.
To take advantage of the special offers email or contact Napier.