Congratulations to Colin Holland, who has just celebrated 35 years of technology journalism. He was kind enough to send us this short piece about his first experiences in the industry:

Colin HollandI remembered last night that it was 35 years ago this week that I went to my first event as a journalist. It was a Saturday 28 May 1977 at the IEE in Savoy Place, I started as editorial assistant at The Society of Electronics and Radio Technicians the previous Monday and must have been keen to make a good impression to have volunteered to work a Saturday. The highlight of the event was Adam Osborne who was still a few years off launching the Osborne 1 computer but his Osborne & Associates published computer manuals. We popped over to the Waldorf Hotel for a spot of lunch!
The only other thing I remember about the event was that I sat next to Barry Nicholson who I had replaced at SERT and horror on the editor of the SERT Journals face, Ian Channing, when I told him this and that Barry had well briefed me about SERT.

many congratulations on 35 years! It’s good to know that Colin will be covering our industry for a good few years to come.