The organisers of Smart Systems Integration 2013, which will be held from 13 – 14 March 2013 in Amsterdam, have issued a call for papers. The deadline to submit abstracts is 30 September 2012, and submissions are encouraged on the following topics:

  • Smart systems for automotive applications / green car and aeronautics
  • Smart medtech systems and systems for prognostics health management
  • Smart systems in logistics and security applications
  • Smart power, smart grids and smart networks
  • Cyber physical systems, smart communication, self-sufficient sensor networks
  • Manufacturing technologies for smart integrated system
  • Design of smart systems, component design, design for reliability
  • Micro and nano systems / embedded systems
  • Advanced micro and nano technologies
  • New materials, nano structures and devices
  • Roll to roll technologies, printed functionalities
  • 3D integration and interconnect technologies
  • System integration and packaging
  • Test and reliability of components and systems

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