The Engineer, a publication that was first launched in 1856 – making it as old as the city of Dallas and the science of genetics – has ceased print publication. The last issue was published on 16th July. It’s sad that an engineering publication that was launched before the car or aeroplane was invented has decided that the costs of print publication can’t be sustained by the available advertising revenue.
The good news, however, is that the publishers, Centaur, have invested in the online offering, which should ensure a bright future for Although not all their moves have been successful – for example the acquisition of Pro-Talk failed to live up to expectations – I believe that they are committed to making The Engineer as vibrant and successful as the “old world” print edition. I’d love to know if the online version will survive another 150 years, or if anther disruptive innovation will re-shape the publication. Whatever happens, it’s great that such an historic name will continue to help engineers learn more about technology.