alix-paultreIt was only back in May that Power Systems Design hired Gail Purves and promoted Joshua Israelson to Editor-in-Chief. Seven months, however, is a long time in publishing. Both Gail and Joshua have left to be replaced by Alix Paultre.

Alix’s career to date has been impressive, with roles spanning Electronics Products, Electronic Component News, Medical Design Technology, and Wireless Design and Development. He was the Editorial Director, Design Group at Advantage Business Media, and in 2011 he helped to secure recognition as a “Top 10 Best Media Site” by BtB magazine. Most recently Alix was Director of Marketing & Communications at Globtek Inc.

Jim Graham, Publishing Director of PSD explained how the appointment was driven by PSD’s strategy. He told me, “Our strategy for 2013 and beyond is to develop enhanced web content to include podcasts, videos, daily newsletters and design centers. We needed someone with strengths in this area which Alix brings to the table.”

I’ll be interested to see how this change of team impacts the publication. In Europe the three main power titles (PEE, Bodo’s Power and PSDE) have all focussed on print, offering only a limited web presence. If PSDE moves its focus to online, will the other two titles follow suit? And if they don’t, how long can publications continue to get a large proportion of their revenues from print?