I got an interesting news from Peter Ring, the publisher of New Electronics, talking about the success of the Electronics Design Show. He told me that they were “about 80% sold with and confident we’ll be sold out by the end of July”. This is good news: with the Device Developers Conference and ESLive both reporting good results, perhaps we’re seeing a renaissance of shows in the UK.

Peter also told me that the success of the event is having a positive impact on editorial resources. In the last few months the New Electronics editorial team has doubled to four people: Tim Fryer joined as Deputy Editor and Surika Biring has been appointed as a full-time assistant to Laura Hopperton, who has been promoted to Web Editor. Peter told me that, “The success of the Show has enabled us to invest in expanding our editorial team which is very satisfying.” So this is a double success story: a UK event that is doing well and a publisher who is re-investing the profits. This is great to hear: a publisher who is not only optimistic about the future but who is prepared to make investments to ensure long term success. Other publishers take note!