Is print dead? Well in Europe there is clearly a market for it, with many readers still preferring this format, and it appears that even in the USA print might still have a future.

Bodo’s Power has been steadily growing its print circulation in North America, from a few hundred in 2006 to over 5000 today: a number that now justifies printing in America, rather than shipping copies from Europe. From the July issue, around 6000 copies will be printed and distributed in the USA and Canada, making the total circulation around 25000.

This is exciting news: it’s always good to see publishers achieving success, particularly when they expand outside Europe. Whilst the circulation of 6000 is only going to reach a relatively small proportion of power designers in North America, it’s still a significant number and the steady growth in subscribers suggests that there could be a lot more to come. It’s an impressive step forward for Bodo and the publication and we will be watching to see how he builds from this success in the future.