veijoGreat news for engineers in Finland, who are still morning the closure of Prosessori: Swedish publishing house Elektroniktidningen has joined with respected Finnish journalist Veijo Ojanperä to launch Elektroniikkalehti, a new dedicated Finnish new service for electronics engineers. With Veijo Ojanperä driving the editorial and Elektroniktidningen providing the website and handling the sales, I’m confident that this will be a product that both readers and advertisers will love.

This is fabulous news. The Finnish electronics market is so much more than just Nokia: in fact it has one of the most dynamic start-up scenes in Europe (not just Angry Birds!). There is a real market for a Finnish publication, and it was a real shame that a high-quality publication such as Prosessori had to close. So it was especially nice to hear the promise that Elektroniikkalehti will, “pick up where Prosessori left off.”

Elektroniikkalehti is already up and running. The website is or you can use the shortcut