Popular journalist and part-time PR, Dick Selwood, sent me a note describing his frustrations when trying to find out information about various provocations. We have seen similar issues at Napier: sometimes you really do wonder whether publications want a share of your advertising budget!

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I am just trying to pull together a forward feature list for a friend in electronics, and magazine web sites are driving me crazy!

Many of them don’t give you contact information for editorial staff but do for the advertising people…

Some don’t give any contact information at all…

Some give contacts but no media information…

I haven’t yet found a media pack without forward feature information, but many provide no information on editorial deadlines or contacts.

Even worse it is almost December and some of the media packs are still only for 2013: the IET requires me to register and then I find out that the media pack is still only 2013!

Don’t these people want advertising?

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