The Mark Allen Group (MAG) has announced they will acquire Findlay Media Limited (FML), subject to due diligence, with the deal expected to complete in early April 2014. The deal will take MAG’s turnover to more than £25 million.

MAG has offices at Herne Hill, London and Dinton, Wiltshire, but FML will continue to operate from its current location in Dartford, Kent.

Chairman and founder of MAG, Mark Allen, said, “MAG is well known for the range and diversity of its products and for its expertise in magazine subscription management. FML is renowned for its circulation and data excellence plus exceptional IT systems. Both groups also have fast growing revenues in conferences, exhibitions, events and online.”

It appears that there is no wavering of Findlay’s commitment to print, as founder Bob Findlay said: “While most larger B2B publishers allowed magazine growth to fade away as they focused on online activities, these two companies have profited from maintaining strong magazines as the core of multimedia relationships with their reader and advertiser communities.”

With both companies seemingly in total agreement on the right strategy for publishers, and no overlap between them in terms of markets, it appears that the deal will result in little change to day-to-day business. In the long term, the strength of MAG may prove to be an asset to FML titles such as New Electronics: we’ll be watching closely to see how the publications can grow and develop under new ownership.