emc-live-logoInterference Technology, has announced that they will run EMC Live, a virtual event, from 14th to 16th October 2014. The free event will feature roundtables, webinars and other practical information, and aims to help electronic, mechanical, and design engineers to improve their knowledge of electromagnetic interference and compatibility.

This format is a great way to allow companies to avoid the cost of expensive booths and spend money on thought leadership. The event certainly promises a wide range of opportunities, with following provisional panel discussion topics including interference challenges of the future; IEMI and HEMP threats; and test room controversies. The webinars will range from EMC test setups to presentations about specific standards such as MIL-STD-461.

Like all trade shows, whether physical or virtual, the success of this event will depend on attracting a high quality audience. With more and more engineers choosing to use webinars and other online content to boost their knowledge, this new event has a great chance of succeeding. More information is available at www.emclive2014.com.