power electronics news logoIt was discussed extensively at PCIM, and now the wait is over, as AspenCore have officially launched their new website, Power Electronics News. With the objective to deliver the latest news, new products, and technical articles, to cover the ever-changing global electronics industry, from power supplies to thermal management, this website aims to provide the latest information needed, for customers to develop their next design.

The website presents ‘The Editor’s Perspective’ column, written by Paul O’Shea, while also producing company and market news, product news, white papers, webinars, videos and a parametric search tool. As a site which will be easy to navigate on any type of media device, Power Electronics News is keen to be accessible to their audience, encouraging interaction and feedback, from all over the world.

Webinars will be an important part of the content mix, with the editorial team creating a series of webinars about power supply design that will launch in September. Among the planned topics, is a step-by-step explanation of the design of buck and boost topologies in DC-DC switching regulators.

Power Electronics News, is being managed by the Germany- based publisher ICC Media. They were acquired back in 2015 by AspenCore, which helps ensure the website also has a keen European focus, even with content being driven by an American Editor. This means, geographically, the site will focus on events in Europe and in America, ensuring the key movers of the power electronics industry are covered, and helping build relationships with significant manufacturers that can ordinarily be missed by other news outlets.