The Science and technology Company: GE, has been thinking outside of the box, as they introduce ‘signature stories’ that communicate core strategic information about their firm and its strategy.

Recently, during a talk at the June 2016 ANA conference on Masters of B2B marketing, GE explained how it communicates its strategic message through the use of a story.

Their story followed the movements of GE’s DNA, the founder Thomas Edison, and how this DNA, is reflected by imagination, creativity and always being in motion. Relating to the core strategies and core message of GE.

This is a clever, yet original approach to B2B storytelling. GE’s authentic narratives, surprise, intrigue and involve the audience while also being informative and entertaining. GE provide nine storytelling areas including getting personal and adapting to the media.

This creative and unique technique, highlights the importance of storytelling, as from professional and engaging stories, GE manages to educate yet entertain their audience, in a wonderful, yet unusual way.