electronics notes logoElectronics+Radio, the site aiming to help hobbyists and students (the super-trendy “maker” market) has rebranded to Electronics Notes. The site, which is published by the same team as Radio-Electronics.com, promises to provide

clear & concise radio & electronics tutorials and notes for you to learn electronics online. Topics include: basic concepts, components, radio technology, constructional techniques, ham radio, & electronics history

Electronics Notes is taking a rather different approach to advertising. Rather than selling conventional display slots, advertisers need to use a programmatic approach. All adverts on the site are served from AdWords, so companies wanting to reach the maker and student markets can target it specifically in the AdWords interface and bid to secure placements. This is an interesting approach, and one that should attract many different advertisers because of the great value that it is likely to provide.

Ian Poole, the editor and publisher of the site has lots of plans to make it more appealing, including more video and images. The style of Electronics Notes is very different to mainstream electronics titles: much more approachable and friendly for the enthusiast. As the site even has a “Becoming an Engineer” section, we really hope it succeeds and in the process attracts talented people to the electronics industry.