We’re proud of our work, and a recent project we completed for our client, element14, is a great example of what we can do. Just over three months before the show opened, we were asked to think of ideas for campaigns to be launched at electronica 2016. One of the projects we devised was a competition to “Change the World” using products sold by Farnell element14.

This competition needed a way for element14 to communication the rules, how to enter, and also a mechanism for accepting the entries. The website we built does all this in seven different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Chinese.

The website was built on WordPress, in just a few weeks. We speeded up the design process by customising an existing theme, and made use of a range of plugins to create the functionality and design the element14 required. The competition needed a logo, so we crowdsourced a design that communicated the fun of trying to think of ideas that really could change the world.

To inspire potential entrants, we edited some existing video content and combined this with some of the most inspiring and world-changing inventions, from the wind-up radio to 3D printing.

The project was led by our digital marketing manager, Diana. Despite the pressure – and the deadline that could not be moved – she loved the challenge, and after the project was over said this:

“This was an intense and exciting project. Ideas were flowing around even after we’ve built most of the website. We had to go about this straight in as the time scales were tight, building everything in situ, hence repurposing content like existent videos proved to be an effective way to speed up the process. All in all, we’ve delivered it on time for it to be launched at electronica and it has been received very well. Success!”

With the competition now being promoted globally, we’re excited to see what ideas will be submitted and whether the entrants really can change the world! If you’ve got a project that needs a website, talk to us: it might not change the world, but we will certainly try to boost your business.


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