Since the launch of the new and independent industry hub ‘What’s New in Electronics’ (WNIE) in July, traffic to the site and engagement with industry has been strong and consistent.

Posting a variety of news and updates daily, WNIE is receiving over 20,000 unique visitors each month and over 100,000 page engagements.  Supported by a monthly newsletter reaching out to over 80,000 contacts and an ever growing social media following of 8K +, this platform allows contributors to reach a proven and professional network.

Unlike magazines, any company can send updates or add their company details to the industry directory without spending any money.  Of course, with the volume of news received and extensive listing of suppliers – there are ways to improve your inclusion.

As the site evolves there are new elements being added onto the site and into the newsletters. The latest additions include “WNIE TOP PICK” and “WHAT’S NEW WEDNESDAY”.

“WNIE TOP PICK” – the WNIE team will select a story which has grabbed their attention.  For example, it could be a ground breaking initiative/product or a success story. The story selected as “WNIE TOP PICK” will benefit from highlighted branding on the site and will have an increased chance of making the monthly newsletter.

“WHAT’S NEW WEDNESDAY” will be an online campaign targeting social media followers and will highlight key industry stories, repost of the “WNIE TOP PICK” stories of the previous week and doing shout out announcements to companies and brands supporting the hub.  The introduction of a weekly competition supported by different sponsors will offer a prize in return for PR.  It will also announce new recruits to our LIVE Expo.

To find out more about how to get involved with WNIE contact Claire on or call + 44 1428 609 382.