I recently attended a pipeline training course at Hubspot HQ in Dublin, the affectionately named ‘Project Lion’ boot camp was delivered by the infectiously enthusiastic Hubspot sales guru, Dan Tyre. Dan taught myself and 11 other Hubspot Agency Partners the inbound approach for populating our sales funnel with new leads and nurturing our existing leads.

This course really taught me that ‘always closing’ is a thing of the past and the Napier approach is that we are ‘always helping’.

Dan taught me three key things:

Just keep digging…

To really understand someone’s goals, you must dig at least 3 times:

  • Dig 1 – ‘what your goals are for the coming year?’ this will give you an overview of the where the company would like to see themselves.
  • Dig 2 – ‘How much are you looking to grow compared to last year?’ this will give you a more realistic figure based on the previous year.
  • Dig 3 – ‘Why is it important for you to double your business this year?’ now this is the interesting part, the why provides all the insight, where is the goal being driven from? What are the risks of not achieving this goal?

By digging at least three times, you can better identify a good fit for your business and really understand your prospects drivers and objectives.

Keep curious & listen!

‘What else?’, ‘But Why?’ curiosity comes naturally to me, just ask my colleagues & clients… I challenge most things and like to understand the what, the why and the how, although being curious can be a little irritating, it’s important to ensure you get to that third level of the dig and you really understand your client/prospect and hear what they are telling you.

Be helpful.

The crux of Project Lion is to ‘always be helping’, whether your prospect is trying to understand if they are ready for Marketing Automation, or comparing your service offering to your competitors, always be helpful, stand up & smile.

I’m looking forward to helping future clients exceed their objectives and become inbound marketing experts, if you receive a call from me in the near future, let me know how I’m doing – I’m a lioness in training!