This is a summary of all of the blog posts we have written about Elektronik Praxis up to December 2018.


September 8th, 2017

Sebastian Gerstl is making the move to Software-related topics, after announcing that he will no longer be responsible for Embedded Systems at ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS.

Sebastian is taking over the editorial duties for all Software-related topics from Frank Graser who left ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS last month. He is leaving his Embedded Hardware responsibilities to his colleague Michael Eckstein, who will handle all Processing and Embedded hardware related topics.

We wish them all the best of luck in their new roles.

ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a museum at electronica

October 18th, 2016

ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS is celebrating its 50th anniversary in style at electronica this year, with a Milestones Museum.

Situated in Hall A4, stand 201, the ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS milestone museum will explore the main exhibits of the electronics history.

Keeping with the historical theme, this year ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS are providing the traditional white sausage breakfast on the 9th November, with the Weisswurst created according to an historic recipe, ensuring an authentic feel of time travel surrounding ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS museum.


September 27th, 2016

Congratulations to the team at ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS, who are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication. This milestone has been reached at the same time as the publishing house (Vogel Media) celebrates its 125th year.

Back in 1891, Carl Gustav Vogel started the company with the launch of a publication for stamp collectors, Internationales Briefmarkenoffertenblatt. A couple of years later in 1894, he launched Maschinenmarkt, pioneering the concept of controlled circulation publications paid for by advertising. In 1939 the business entered the electronic and electrical sector with the launch of Elektrotechnik.

The company now publishes more than 100 professional titles covering subjects such as industrial products, automotive, IT, legal and taxation. To learn more , read this interesting history of Vogel (in German).

ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS to publish official PCIM newspaper

March 21st, 2014

pcim-newspaper-2014ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS will publish the official PCIM newspaper, which will have a print run of 10,000 copies and will be published on all three days of the show. Editorial deadline is 1st May, with the advertising deadline the 7th May. Trade shows remain a very important part of the marketing mix in Germany, and it’s good to see ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS supporting the event with a publication. A show news email, which will be sent to the visitors and the ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS newsletter recipients will also be published.

Positive response to ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS digital compendia

September 3rd, 2013

imageWhen publishers create innovative ways to reach the audience, it’s often hard to know how well they work, particularly if you don’t participate. So it was great to get some specific results from ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS about their latest digital compendium, which covered PCB technology and design. The idea is to publish the best articles on a particular topic in a single volume, and this compendium has been downloaded 2,000 times and 600 printed issues were requested by our readers so far, showing there is real interest in the format.

There are two more compendia to be published this year:

  • Power design & power supply, publication date Sept. 27th
  • Analogue technology & mixed signal design, publication date Nov. 25th

ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS sees strong interest in automotive topics

June 27th, 2013

I was talking with ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS recently and was very impressed to hear well their automotive content is doing. In the first five months of this year, the ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS automotive channel generated 157,312 page views, whilst their dedicated elektromobilitä portal, which only launched in October 2012, almost hit a quarter of a million views (it achieved 239.742 page views). And with such interest in electric and hybrid vehicle design, hopefully the plant will also benefit!

ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS launches media centre for video content

January 31st, 2011

ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS has launched a new section of the website specifically for video content. Having invested heavily in generating content for “EP-TV”, it’s not surprising that the publication has decided to take advantage of this valuable material. The layout provides easy access to a large number of videos, was well as offering images and webinars.

Elektronik Praxis launches mobile site

October 15th, 2010

mobil.elektronikpraxis.deDespite digital magazines only just beginning to gain traction with readers, the pace of change hasn’t slowed for publishers. Mobile devices – such as the iPhone and iPad – present new opportunities and challenges. I was really pleased to see that Elektronik Praxis has launched a mobile site ( designed specifically for browsing on smartphones. The site not only looks clear on my Blackberry, but also loads quickly, making browsing on a small screen a fun experience.
Additionally I understand that Elektronik Praxis is developing an iPad app that will deliver content including digital versions of the magazines. Now all I need is an iPad…

Elektronik Praxis’ Sommerfest pictures

August 4th, 2009

Some great pictures from the annual Elektronik Praxis summer bash, are now up on their website.

Elektronik Praxis focuses on Embedded World interviews

July 24th, 2009

Elektronik Praxis sent me through a really nice brochure about their advertising offerings for Embedded World. Normally I try not to write too much about show special issues, as all magazines have their own features that focus on key shows. Praxis, however, managed to grab my attention with a couple of lines at the end of their email. Firstly they are holding their traditional Bavarian breakfast on Wednesday between 11am and 1pm – something I’m always keen to attend. And also they are conducting video interviews on their booth at the show. For free!

OK, Elektronik Praxis are not the first or only magazine to do editorial video interviews (as opposed to paid-for interviews). ED Europe and ECE have both done this very successfully. Elektronik Praxis, however, effectively turn a part of their booth into a TV studio, and because they are not having to visit different stands, they should be able to create even more content. Check back on Napier News after the show, when I’ll review the video that all the different publishers created at Embedded World. redesign

July 18th, 2008

“Two years is a long time on the internet”, or at least this is what Johann Wiesböck, editor-in-chief of Elektronik Praxis thinks. The E Praxis website has been redesigned, and in addition to the shiny new modern layout, the site now offers better functionality: users have much simpler naviation, allowing them to go straight to content that interests them, and the search has also been improved. Advertisers will be pleased that the banner advertising and white paper promotions now can be placed more easily near relevant content, which should also mean that users see more relevant and interesting content.

I don’t cover all the website redesigns on Napier News, but thought that the E Praxis site was interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly the site naviation – drop down lists of [quite a large number of] categories – do make it very easy to go straight to useful relevant content. Also the social networking side of the site seems to have been de-emphasised, although I believe all the functionality remains. E Praxis were a leader in adding social networking onto their website, but it looks like engineers don’t need or want social networking on a magazine website. Maybe it will happen, but I guess that the audience of magazine sites are simply too small and too focussed to sustain social networks.

Franziska to return to Elektronk Praxis

July 19th, 2007

Franziska Harfy is leaving E&E to return to Elektronik Praxis. Although we can’t know the full story, clearly it is a loss for E&E. Our readers in the USA will be interested to hear that she will not start until 1st Jan 08, and is on “gardening leave” until the end of the year!

Funky advert shapes

Decembr 22nd, 2006

Two titles have recently been promoting unusually-shaped print adverts – both Electronics Weekly and Elektronik Praxis are offering a variety of shapes including Ls, Ts, triangles and even “goal posts”. Although they offer a differetn way to grab the readers attention, they also attract a premium price. Are they worth it? At Napier, we think that it’s more important to ask whether the format would work with your campaign creative. With most ads starting life as a page layout, forcing the creative into this format often produces an ineffective advert. If the graphics department are given the opportunity to develop concepts specifically for these unusually formats, however, the results can be stunning. Contact Napier to find out if a different shape could help boost the effectiveness of your advertising. – a New Approach to Online Marketing

September 29th, 2006

Maybe it’s the late 1990’s again! We seem to be spending more and more time covering the online sector, and without doubt the most interesting story of recent months is the re-design of the Elektronik Praxis website.

Vogel has invested millions to create what will probably be the most ambitious site in the industry. In addition to the conventional online publishing model, they will offer a huge range of technical content in addition to the magazine articles, aim to create a social network for the German-speaking electronics community and, perhaps most interestingly, they will aim to make significant income from selling sales leads.

The first big move is to allow companies to upload white papers and other technical content to the site (with options to pay for promotion or just have a free listing). Although there will be an editorial filter to ensure adequate quality, the magazine is hugely ambitious in trying to get a large section of the industry to upload technical information. Of course one downside is that inevitably it will mean a significant proportion of the content is in English, but with promises of a search engine that “understands” electronics, offering ways to intelligently narrow a search, perhaps this won’t be a problem. We’re always concerned about people trying to compete with Google, but if Elektronik Praxis can really make narrowing searches easier and have sufficient content, there is a chance this will work. We’ve been promised that an upload facility for content will launch on 10th October.

The next objective is to create a community to compete with Open BC, which is the strongest online social network for business in Germany. This is a real challenge, as Metcalf’s law suggests that reducing the population you can address will significantly reduce the value of the network. This network, however is closely linked to the success of selling sales leads.

The final objective is to track users on the site (with the same registration as for the community section of the site), and sell sales leads based upon their activities. Clearly the ability to sell leads with information on the documents that these people have opened, forwarded or printed is very valuable. Additionally the fact that this site is new allows Elektronik Praxis to sell email addresses, by insisting everyone that registers opts-in to having their data passed on, and if they don’t they won’t be allowed to see premium content. This could be the best idea for a long time for both the companies that purchase the leads, and also for Vogel’s profits – if it works. We see a couple of challenges: German engineers might not allow their data to be passed on, or get tired of sales calls due to activity on the site, the content might never reach the critical mass to drive people to the site or alternatively the industry might balk at the price per lead (40 Euros). Of course there will also be standard banner advertising on the site as well.

With the new site recoup the fortune that Vogel have invested? Personally, I’d like to see it work: it’s a brave and innovative move. For advice on how to take advantage of this new approach in the European electronics media, or more detailed analysis of Elektronik Praxis’ plans, contact Napier.

Elektronik Praxis Summer Party

July 28th, 2006

Celebrating 40 years of publishing, Elektronik Praxis held a party yesterday at the Sea Life Centre in Munich. We had a great time at the event, and would like to thank everyone at Vogel for organising such a good party at a fabulous venue.


First issue of Elektronik Praxis email newsletter

June 29th, 2006

The first issue of the Elektronik Praxis email newsletter appeared yesterday. Vogel has chosen to go with the “headline only” style, where you only get the headline, and have to click on the story to read it. It seems to be a matter of personal choice as to whether people like this format, or prefer to also have the first couple of lines of the story in the email: at Napier there is a definite split over which is best. What Elektronik Praxis has done, however, is to neatly separate industry news and new product information.

Elektronik Praxis announce new UK rep

September 2nd, 2005

Elektronik Praxis, conveniently based a few hundred miles from the UK has announced that Mark Hauser will represent the title in the UK. Mark is based in the US – several thousand miles from the UK. We think this will be a good move, with someone that understands the British culture (although probably not all of our jokes), and who also is close to the US-headquartered companies that form a large percentage of the German advertising spend placed from the UK.

Elektronik Praxis to move to 100% personally addressed circulation

November 17th, 2004

In an interesting follow-on to the story about the circulation of Elektronik Praxis, the magazine tells us that they will change the entire circulation to be personally addressed. They say that they plan to complete this in 2-3 months, and that the results will be shown in their EDA audit for 1st July 2005. This represents a significant improvement in the quality of circulation, and should make Elektronik Praxis an even more attractive choice for advertisers.

Elektronik Praxis withdraws English-language media kit

November 15th, 2004

Oops! Elektronik Praxis has withdrawn their 2005 English language media kit, because of “errors”. There is a significant element of the circulation that is sent to companies without a person’s name on the address. In the English language version of the kit, this circulation had been added to the engineering and management figures (although this was not done in the German media kit). There were red faces and many apologies at electronica over this! If you need to know the correct circulation information, contact Napier, and we’ll give you the correct audited figures. We can also give an impartial view on who is the market leader in Germany (as measured by ad pages), which was another contentious topic at the show!