This is a summary of all of the blog posts we have written about Elektroniknet up to December 2018. forms a new online business network

January 10th, 2017, the online publication from WEKA journal elektronik, has developed a strong following from the electronics industry. WEKA also publishes the famous Markt&Technik, elektronik automotive and DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK, and with these publications serving distinct yet overlapping market sectors, have developed a new online business network that reflects these industry cornerstones.

To better support the individual needs of these sectors, have split the online content for these respective publications and have created websites for each. These new sites: and have a new layout and have a fully responsive design, making all their content accessible from mobile devices, perfect for catching up on the latest news on the go.

25 editors are now working for this new business network, making it the largest professional electronics business network in the world. To date the performance data of this new network is impressive Likewise impressive with 13,82 million page impressions annually (IVW-Online 08/2015 – 07/2016), nearly 40,000 news, product and professional articles, as well as 12,000 companies in the comprehensive supplier directory.

We look forward to working with these new online platforms and wish them all the best with the business network! achieves a million

August 5th, 2009

Congratulations to, which achieved 1,050,689 page impressions in July – the first time the site has had over 1 million visitors in a month! Congratulations to’s superb editor-in-chief Peter Wintermayr and all the online team. 8M impressions in 2008

January 19th, 2009

Congratulations to, which achieved almost 8 million impressions in 2008, showing an annual traffic growth of 45%. The best thing about this is that Weka use IVW to audit the traffic, giving advertisers an additional confidence in the figures.

Computer and Automation breaks away from

December 5th, 2008

Weka has decided to move the Computer & Automation content out of and onto a site of its own. I think this is a great move, as the content from C&A didn’t quite fit with the Weka electronics titles, and this allows both sites to increase their focus on their specific end-markets.

The new C&A site has a different structure to elektroniknet, and also has a slightly different look and feel. This is great, as the C&A readers now have a website designed specifically for their needs. Of course the traffic on elektroniknet may fall temporarily as the C&A traffic is no longer included, but I would expect the growth of the use of online sites to make up the shortfall very quickly.

elektroniknet launches distribution email newsletter

November 7th, 2008 continues to expand its portfolio of email newsletters with the launch of a distribution newsletter. The first issue goes out today, and it will be distributed on a quarterly basis. hits 700k pages in a month

July 27th, 2008

Congratulations to, which achived 716,000 page impressions and more than 260,000 visits in June. Elektroniknet is clearly the most-trafficed German site in our industry, benefiting from different print titles to contribute content and promote the site. Elektroniknet plan to capitalise on their success by offering additional skyscraper and expanding banner advert options.

The site is audited by IVW-Online, which provides credibility to the sites traffic figure claims. Although far fewer websites that print titles are audited in our industry, I expect that this will chanage over the next few years, and I’m really pleased to see Weka promoting the benefits of online auditing to European marketing managers.

Elektroniknet has also been able to expand the circulation of its email newsletters, with the regular newsletter and the automotive newsletter both claiming 42,000 recipients. The average open rate of 25-30% is pretty much in line with other publishers, although I have some reservations about the measurement of open rates, particularly in an tech-savvy industry where the figure can be under-reported as recipients are likely to turn off image downloads and therefore never register the fact they opened and read the email.

Elektroniknet guess the score competition

April 30th, 2008

Elektroniknet will run a “guess the score” competition during the European Championships. Sponsorships are available, and the online promotion is likely to prove popular: in fact it will provide the only interest in the event for us Brits after our dismal national teams all failed to qualify!

Elektroniknet to offer web seminars

November 28th, 2007 has added webscasts to it’s online advertsing offering in the 2008 media pack. This is an interesting move that aims to offer archived webcasts on the site. This is a positive move, and something we would expect to be commonplace across European electronics websites in the near future. With a reletively luke-warm response to webscast from European engineers, the qustion is whether this offering is worth the cost, even with the highly-targeted and relevant audience. Contact Napier to talk about our views on whether this is the best service for you, or if you’re better simply sticking the video on YouTube.

New UK advertising sales representative for Markt&Technik, DESIGN & ELEKTRONIK and

October 1st, 2007

From 1st October 2007, Alastair Swift will take on the role of representing two of the key Weka electronics titles in the UK, Markt&Technik and DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK, as well as the publisher’s online site, Alastair currently focuses on Penton publications in both the US and Europe, although in a previous role he represented these titles, and therefore has extensive knowledge of these titles and the German market in general.

Elektroniknet announces vertical approach

March 25th, 2007 is offering sponsorship packages that target vertical markets. The recently re-designed site includes Competence Centers, which is the new term for the “topics pages”, with packages still priced on the CPM basis. A further innovation is the ability to target only a subsection of the Competence Centre, with the following options allowing highly-targeted marketing:

– Control and communication systems; motion control; and image processsing can all be targeted within the Automation section
– Active or passive components can be targeted within the components section
– Hardware or software can be targeted within embedded
– Wireline or wireless can be targeted within communication

This approach should make addressing specific audiences much more cost-effective, particularly for small advertisers with limited budgets. Design Update

August 20th, 2006

Weka have completed a makeover of the website. Although the key to this site is without doubt the content, the new look is nice (but of course very functional!), and will help in their fight to continue to be the primary portal in Central Europe.