Publisher Elektor International has recently announced the acquisition of the Dutch magazine Elektronica, which it has purchased from Mybusinessmedia.

The acquisition took place at the beginning of this month with the Elektor International editorial team planning to improve Elektronica’s respective presence in the Dutch industry. Mybusinessmedia will still focus on the upcoming developments in the electronics industry with titles Elektro-Data and

This is an interesting move, as it represents a publisher that is best known for its maker content moving into professional electronics engineering. In many ways, this isn’t surprising as several professional publishers have launched content or publications targeting the super-trendy maker market, and we like the fact that the most influential European maker publication is not standing still: they clearly believe that growth is the best way to defend their position in the maker market.

We look forward to seeing the direction Elektor will take Elektronica and we wish them all the best for the future.