The next Open House event from What’s New in Electronics (WNIE) goes live on October 5th, giving companies another chance to promote their latest products, services and innovations for the electronics industry.

Designed to beat the restrictions of the pandemic, each fortnightly virtual showcase gives up to six companies the chance to provide press releases, video, webinars or technical papers.

Content is shared from the Monday ‘live date’ to the following Tuesday, ready for the next promotion of the following event.

Companies can choose when to go live within this time and the slot is then promoted to the WNIE database through weekly newsletters, daily social media feeds and dedicated e-shots. Even after the event date, content is archived and can still be accessed by site visitors at

We wrote about the first Open House back in June and it’s good to see that WNIE is continuing to offer this valuable channel to help companies in these difficult times.

For further details,  please view the website or email