EETech Media has confirmed the acquisition of, helping EETech become the premier publication for power-focused content. The acquisition means PowerPulse will be fully integrated with EE Power and its Resistor and Capacitor Guide websites.

The PowerPulse weekly newsletter for subscribers is scheduled to be replaced by a daily version by the end of 2020; and the acquisition has led to a 140% increase in traffic, with users benefiting from the latest information on power-related subjects, through technical articles, product release announcements and market insights. EE Power currently has 200,000 page views per month, with 150,000 unique visitors.

This is certainly an exciting move for EETech as the acquisition allows them to expand their network and concentrate on providing power-focused content for the industry. We look forward to seeing the direction the publication takes, and the great pieces of content we are sure will feature in the newsletter.