Both eeNews Europe and Microwave Engineering Europe will cease print production and be digital only from January 2021. The move comes in response to falling advertising revenues in print media, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued shift of advertising to online media.

These factors, combined with rising distribution costs, have made it impossible for eeNews Europe to achieve positive operational margins. Yet there is a major upside to the news, with a greater concentration on digital bringing the chance to offer new content and services.

Publisher Andre Rousselot says: “Over the years, eeNews has built a very strong portfolio of websites including vertical sites in all major fields of electronics including analog, automotive, embedded, power management, and wireless. Going fully digital will allow us to focus on accelerating the expansion of our online audience, and offer additional new services such as sponsored content, on-demand webinars, sponsored newsletters, and videos”.

With the impact of COVID-19 starting to show and the looming threat of Brexit, it’s great to see publishers saving money by fully embracing digital, especially for publications like eeNews which has a chance to further capitalize on its already popular websites.

The company’s French language publication ECI will continue in print offering newsletters, sponsored media and video.