Following its encouraging reception last year, DFA Media’s Talking Industry series is to return with six new topical online discussions for 2021.

Taking the form of a Zoom panel hosted by Andy Pye of DFA Media, Talking Industry brings together up to five experts from engineering, automation and manufacturing to discuss the major issues and opportunities of the day.

At each 75 minute event, the panel draws on their expertise to discuss up to three key elements of the topic, with the webinar audience able to feed questions and comments into the chat. The online sessions are recorded and available on DFA Media’s social media channels.

The current schedule sees six events planned from January to November, with the opportunity for additional events to be scheduled if there is enough demand:

  • 10am UK, Tue Jan 12 2021 – Industrial Networks, IIOT and Communications
  • 10am UK, Tue Mar 9 2021 – Plant Safety and Security
  • 10am UK, Tue May 11 2021 – Robotics & Advanced Automation
  • 10am UK, Tue Jul 13 2021 – Maintenance 4.0
  • 10am UK, Tue Sep 14 2021 – Digital Transformation in the UK
  • 10am UK, Tue Nov 9 2021 – 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing

Chair Andy Pye says: “It has been really exciting to be in at the ground floor of this new venture into digital publishing. We came up with the idea during the first pandemic lockdown, as a way of communicating with our readers, at a time when many of us could not network in any other way. Chairing Talking Industry sessions is great fun, with a lot of improvisation around a basic theme.

“Of course, it is just one way of communicating digitally with our audience, and during 2021 we expect to explore some other exciting opportunities under the Talking Industry brand.”

Here at Napier, we think it’s great to see more of these innovative discussions, which help to bring the industry together and maintain the momentum of new developments during a difficult time.

For further details on the discussion subjects and how you can register, please click here.