The IPC Hand Soldering Competition is making its debut in Italy for the first time, at ‘Focus on PCB – From Design to Assembly’, a European trade show dedicated to the printed circuit boards industry, which will be held in Vicenza from 17th-18th May 2023.

As the reference association that sets the standards for the electronics industry, IPC organises various soldering competitions around the world each year to select regional champions. At the end of the regional contests, the finals are held, where regional champions will face off and the winner will be crowned IPC World Soldering Champion. This year the final contest will take place in Munich in conjunction with the Productronica 2023 show (November 14th-17th 2023).

“The IPC Hand Soldering Competition represents a unique opportunity to reveal all the talents in the industry and to celebrate their skills and expertise”, says Philippe Léonard, IPC Senior Director of European Operations. “We chose Focus on PCB to host the IPC Hand Soldering Competition for the first time in Italy because it proved to be an event capable of attracting the best of the Italian and European electronics industry. We share with Focus on PCB the desire to highlight the skills of an industry where innovation and talent are key characteristics to be recognised and rewarded”.

Although most electronics are now manufactured with machines, hand soldering is still needed for some projects, particularly when repairing or reworking; and it’s nice to see the “old craft” of soldering still being alive, and celebrated within the industry.