The hardest thing about being in an industry for a long time is that sometimes you lose the people you respected the most. We have lost one of the journalists that I most respected with the death of Hans Jaschinski.

Hans Jaschinski

Hans was a journalist for 35 years, and was the face of Elektronik Industry as he held the roles of editor and then editor-in-chief until he retired in 2020. It’s unusual for a journalist to remain at one publication for such a long time, and this loyalty is refreshing.

Hans was an interesting person. As an Englishman, I’d have to admit that Hans was intimidatingly German when I first met him. But when I got to know him, the different cultures dissolved away and I realised he was just a nice guy who wanted to help people (and write about electronics – a topic he found fascinating). Friendly, charming and never pretentious, Hans was simply a lovely person and a great journalist. He will be sadly missed.