IoT Insider, a sister publication from the flagship, Electronic Specifier, has introduced IoT Insights, a new area on the website, which will provide an opportunity for people in the industry to contribute editorially to the website.

Aimed at technological visionaries, IoT Insider provides updates and insights across seven different industries including communications, healthcare, industrial, security, smart world, AI, and transport.

This move to expand the site comes from IoT’s Insider Editor Kristian McCan who wants to continue the title’s coverage of IoT news, developments, and product releases whilst also shining a light on how IoT is beginning to see growing use and interest in a broad range of spheres.

It is interesting that IoT Insider is creating a section that seems to be dedicated to content from people in the industry. Contributed articles are invaluable for journalists and media publications. They bring fresh insights, specialized knowledge, diverse perspectives, and help meet the demand for content. By leveraging the expertise of external contributors, journalists can enhance the quality and variety of their publications, providing readers with valuable and engaging articles.

This move is also particularly intriguing as it takes it to the next level with a section on the website for people contributing content, with a focus on the users rather than the suppliers.

For more information on the IoT Insights area, please click here.