WEKA Fachmedien has announced a shift within its portfolio by merging its publications Design&Elektronik and medical design under the Elektronik brand, allowing WEKA to focus on the core brands Markt&Technik, Elektronik and the online platform elektroniknet.de.

With effect from August, the print and digital versions of the formerly separate B2B media brands Design&Elektronik and medical design will be grouped under the media brands Elektronik and elektroniknet.de. Future issues of Elektronik will carry the contents of Medical Design under the brand “Elektronik medical” and will be available digitally at elektroniknet.de. The scheduled content from the preceding Design&Elektronik issue 4/23 will be included in the regular Elektronik issue 24/2023.

This is a surprising shift from WEKA,  as both Design&Elektronik and medical design have been long-lasting and popular magazines. But WEKA’s move to merge the magazines has been informed by the decision to focus on the key brands, assets and expertise, to ensure they are being leveraged even more effectively and that readers are being provided high-quality, targeted content.