Q & A: We ask the employer, Why did you decide to take on Apprentices?

National Apprenticeship week is here so, we wanted to ask the employer a few questions about why they believe in the apprenticeship scheme as well as how it has benefited the company.

So, how long have Napier had apprentices within the company?

We found our first marketing apprentice in 2014. Since then we have run apprenticeship programmes with two more marketing apprentices and one digital marketing apprentice.

How many apprentices did you decide to hire, and why?

We didn’t have a number at the start, but we now love to have at least one apprentice within the company at all times. Participating in an apprenticeship scheme means we can regularly add to our talent pool and give young marketers the chance to develop and progress within our company.

Why do you think it’s important to have a diverse workplace?

I think it’s really important to have a diverse workplace because it means that within the company we have varied work styles, opinions and ideas. An ideal workplace has a range of diversity and with that comes many different strengths and talents.

How do you think an apprenticeship differs from university, specifically in the marketing industry?

University is a great experience, but the marketing landscape is constantly changing with new technologies and strategies coming into play. Apprentices who work within the company learn to adapt to these changes, more so than someone who has taken a degree.

I think possibly the biggest difference between taking a degree and an apprenticeship is the style of learning. Everyone learns best in different ways. While an apprenticeship will provide the perfect course for those who prefer learning in a practical environment, university is obviously more academic. Apprentices also get experience from working in a team at Napier; we are a very close team and will often work on projects together.

What happens after the apprenticeship has finished?

At Napier we have given full-time roles to every apprentice that joined the company. They continue to learn as we also see the benefit of taking Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) evening courses at Chichester college.

We have had several staff, not just apprentices, who have also enrolled on the CIM evening course.

There are also higher levels of apprenticeships that some may choose to take.

Do you see opportunity for taking on new apprentices?

Yes, I feel there will always be opportunities for apprentices to join the Napier team. There is definitely work to go around and we enjoy giving people the chance to learn and develop within this industry.

How does the coursework affect the apprentice’s workload?

One of the great things about apprenticeships is that it is mostly course work based. Much of the work that apprentices do within Napier can be used as evidence for their college portfolios.

It’s great to see apprentices bringing what they learnt in college to the workplace.

What made you decide to take on apprentices in the first place?

We had heard about apprenticeships in the media, and then attended a presentation about the scheme at Chichester College. We were impressed by the quality of apprentices at the event, and the college made the process of finding talented and enthusiastic individuals who wanted to start a marketing career with Napier very easy.


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BEEAs Awards 2016 Open For Entries

Those of us who have been in the industry a long time will have seen many awards events come and go.  Several publishers and event organisers have launched awards but found it very hard to host successful events.  However one awards event that is going from strength to strength is the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs Awards), held by Findlay Media, publishers of New Electronics, Eureka and Engineering Materials.  

The BEEAs aim to demonstrate and promote the quality of engineering design within the UK and having attended the awards for several year, I must say they really do celebrate the “best of British”.  It is an extremely enjoyable event and last year, Justin Cunningham, editor of Engineering Materials did a great job as presenter.

The 2016 categories are:

  • Consultancy of the Year
  • Design Engineer of the Year
  • Design Team of the Year
  • Green Product of the Year
  • Materials Application of the Year
  • New Product of the Year (Electronic)
  • New Product of the Year (Mechanical)
  • Small Company of the Year
  • Start-up of the Year
  • Young Design Engineer of the Year

The deadline for submissions is 15th July 2016 and the winners will be announced at a gala lunch on October 6th 2016.  There is a change of venue this year and it will be held at The HAC, the London home of the Honourable Artillery Company.

More information is available on the BEEAs website.   However if you are a British Company who would like to promote your innovations, Napier can help you enter the awards and perhaps become the winner of a BEEAs award in 2016.