Increasing SEO Value and Traffic with Content


Client: Farnell element14

Objective: Increase SEO value and traffic to the IoT Hub website, and PR coverage

Activities: We built an IoT calculator that was designed to help engineers to calculate battery life in IoT applications, the creation of this informative piece of content was designed to increase SEO value and bring traffic to the new IoT Hub website, the calculator also helped to increased PR coverage within the media.

“The calculator really transformed a simple feature on battery life into something much more interesting that got us both SEO value and PR coverage.Konstantina Papaioannou, SEO Analyst, Farnell element14

We wrote an article about IoT Battery Calculation, and created a simple tool that calculates the battery life for your IoT Application. You can read the article here

Results:  This campaign was a great success; the outcome was 32 different pieces of coverage spread out over 12 different countries which also generated over 900 visits to the calculator since page launch.

Developing Thought Leadership and Showcasing Client Products


Client: Vector

Objective: Showcase Vector's products, services and thought leadership

Activities: We worked on a campaign to produce a series of articles explaining their approach to producing high quality software for embedded systems in cars, which secured excellent coverage across a series of top European automotive, electronics and testing publications.

Rather than just compiling a report, we created a book. We curated the articles and other content from campaigns so that the clients could use the book to showcase their products and services and thought leadership.

Results: Vector were so impressed with the original book that they commissioned Napier to produce five books that curated all the company’s collateral; data sheets, whitepaper, articles and fact sheets into five vertical industry books in English and German, which have proved to be a huge success at events and exhibitions.

INBOUND Taught Me: How to Win in the ever-evolving world of Social Media

During the time we spent at the HubSpot INBOUND Conference 2017, we attended partner day. As proud partners of HubSpot, we joined other agencies for the day, where we learnt the latest news about HubSpot features, and attended special sessions, not available during the 3-day main event.

One session that stood out, and stuck with me was the ‘How you can Win in the New, Ad Powered, Video Driven, Ever Evolving World of Social Media’. Although a mouthful, the session covered many valuable points; offering advice on how you and your clients can stay ahead with Social Media, and how HubSpot has rethought its approach to social, to lead a new and more modern charge alongside their customers.

Daria Marmer from HubSpot, and Ali Parmelee and Dawn Barson from THINK Creative Group, were the key speakers throughout this session. Drawing from their own experiences, they discussed amongst themselves and to their audience about the way to approach campaign strategies with social in mind.  The tips and information provided throughout this session is what I will share with you throughout the rest of this post.

Tips for Successful Social Media Posting

Whether we are aware of it or not, social media is beginning to drive and lead our campaign strategies, and with 30% of the world’s population on Facebook, companies are now selling their products through social media sites. Although organic reach on Facebook is very low, whether this is video, images or text. Paid traffic including banner ads, sponsored posts and boosted posts has been proven to be very successful.

The one problem companies are facing by selling through social media sites, such as Facebook, is that networks want people to stay on the platform rather than being redirected back to a website. There are many ways for companies to achieve this, by posting videos, or specific content, allowing companies to be able to target or retarget their audience without necessarily leading them back to their website.

Video has only become more important over the years, and today it is included in many campaign strategies, as it is considered greatly beneficial, whilst helping companies engage with their audience. Research has revealed that companies receive great engagement from their audience with videos up to 2 minutes, but often see a decrease in views in videos that are between 2 to 6 minutes long. Surprisingly, research has also revealed that the second ‘sweet spot’ where companies have seen increased engagement in videos, is between 6 to 12 minutes.

It seems the results for video engagement can vary, and often the best solution is to test, test and test again. Facebook Live is a good way to test engagement of video, and clients have previously been surprised to see how many people actually stay till the end of the video.

With 82% of Facebook’s revenue from mobile phones, a drastic difference from 10% in 2012. Companies also need to be aware of creating mobile ads which can successfully attract and engage their audience. Luckily, changes are being made to make mobile ads more effective for the B2B industry.

HubSpot and Social Media  

As promised, HubSpot has rethought its approach to social, leading their buyer journey alongside their consumers social strategy. For example, when pairing their buyer journey with the Inbound approach and Facebook Ads, it presents a successful plan to ensure potential consumers convert. As you can see below, (a photo of a slide shown in the presentation) video ads, brand awareness, reach and traffic are all components of the attract stage, which are top of the funnel content and draw in strangers to look at your products.

HubSpot also presented a significant awareness in improving and paying more attention to the delight stage of their funnel. The use of the delight stage in the buyer funnel, partnered with a social media strategy, means converted customers can turn into promoters by writing reviews, or talking about their customer service online.

ROI Calculator 

The HubSpot calculator has also been recently introduced, a new and beneficial tool for many B2B marketers.  This ‘calculator’ was established to help marketers work out their advertising ROI. By inserting key figures such as your projected monthly budget and your expected CPC, marketers can work out an estimated return on their ad spend. This is key to HubSpot’s new approach to social, as they offer the opportunity for their consumers to take less risk when it comes to their social media strategy, as they can now work out the ROI for specific ads, such as key Facebook ads.

At Napier, we created our own version of a ROI calculator, why not try it out for yourself?

A step up with Instagram...

HubSpot also revealed a new publishing feature for their HubSpot social tools. As Instagram has become larger and more popular, the platforms influence is beginning to create a significant impact in the B2B sector. Following this rise in popularity, HubSpot has introduced a new feature called Instagram reminders.

This feature will allow customers to create and schedule photos and videos on the HubSpot platform. When the time comes to publish, a notification will then be sent via the HubSpot mobile app, and from there you can open the app, copy and paste the text into Instagram and publish. As Instagram does not allow direct publishing from a third-party to their network, HubSpot has introduced the next best step to handling the demand of Instagram, something many marketers were pleased to hear, and are looking forward to when this goes live.

HubSpot Leads Ad Integration

The final and arguably most noteworthy reveal of this session, was the announcement of the lead ad integration with Facebook.  This update brings Facebook lead ad creation, tracking and lead sync to both HubSpot marketing free and paid. The integration is exclusive to Facebook lead ads, which were specifically built for an B2B audience.

The ads feature a strong CTA and use Facebook data to auto populate forms; and with the integration installed, immediately send leads to HubSpot. These lead ads are shown to the most relevant audiences across Facebook desktop, mobile app and Instagram. This integration not only offers a new and improved way to capture leads through Facebook, but also creates a place for the leads to land together and quickly be converted through HubSpot.


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video content marketing

Tip Sheet Explains the Facts and Figures of Video Content Marketing

Video content has been growing steadily over the last years, and has quickly become a must for B2B businesses. A massive 93% of marketers now use video in their campaigns, with 92% watching B2B videos online.

As no stranger to creating video content marketing, with our own Napier YouTube channel, we decided it was time to address the vast amount of data that explores the continual yearly increase in video marketing. Top industry sites and big players like YouTube, analyse video engagement and are more than willing to share their findings.

Our Video Content Marketing Tip Sheet highlights the key metrics and trends for video marketing, and we want to help you become inspired, to get started or freshen up your approach to video as a useful and realistic campaign medium.  From video engagement to social media and video, our Tip Sheet has all it, to ensure you use video content to your advantage.

Click here to download the full version of our Tip Sheet ‘Facts and Figures of Video Content Marketing’.


Understanding the Importance of Video...

Do you know about Napier's Video Editing Capabilties? Discover what we can do:

social media adoption by engineers 2016

Even electronics engineers can't avoid social media!

The Mind of the Engineer survey 2016, revealed results that everyone at Napier expected: an increase in the use of social media. As the world continues to become digitalized, many no longer have a choice, and it is expected to use digital tools to help yourself learn, and expand knowledge on a new subject.

Mobile consumption of technical data has seen a huge rise in the last two years, with smartphones and tablets increasing by 15% in Europe, and a massive 32% in China. This is due to the newest generation taking hold of the world, introducing smartphones into every aspect of life. As social media becomes a must have, engineers are turning to social media sites to ensure they stay up to date.

YouTube has grown in popularity by more than 35% in the last two years, as the importance of video is becoming increasingly evident for engineers. YouTube doesn’t just provide a platform to upload blogs, tutorials or videos, it also presents the opportunity for engineers to learn new material from a variety of sources. 87% of respondents use YouTube regularly to view a video or blog post, as well as to look up and discover new or emerging technology. Although video is now crucially important to any business, due to 4 billion videos viewed daily across the world on YouTube

Surprisingly, use of LinkedIn has dropped by a massive 10% in two years. This is particularly surprising as some of our clients have found campaigns on LinkedIn to be particularly effective. Despite the fall in usage, we believe it will continue to be an important part of any business’s social media presence.

As more young engineers are being introduced into the industry, it seems inevitable that engineer’s presence on social media will continue to rise. As social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and especially YouTube grow in popularity among young engineers, this survey has presented the engineering industry as having new opportunities and therefore having no choice but to embrace the digital age.



We create copy that demands attention. We’re creative, appealing and engaging. Our technical copywriting clearly conveys the key messages about your product, service or business. We understand great B2B copywriting is integral to every PR and marketing campaign. Our in-depth understanding of technologies, applications and target markets means we can quickly deliver high quality written content that is effective across all your marketing communications activities. Our knowledgeable writers need the minimum of client input meaning your messages can get to work and reach your audience faster.

Technical copywriting

Whether it is preparing a product press release, researching and writing a case study, blogging on a frequent basis, writing a feature article or producing a newsletter, we create crisp factual copy in your customers’ language. We have a team of writers with backgrounds in key B2B markets who offer insight, expertise and compelling story-telling. Our writers include engineers and journalists who deeply understand the needs of your audience.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”
– Benjamin Franklin

Our copywriting services

Our writing services range from advertising copy to detailed technical white papers. Projects include:

  • Press releases.
  • Technical articles and case studies.
  • Comment and opinion articles.
  • White papers.
  • Website Copywriting.
  • Ad copy.
  • Blog posts & social media.
  • Application notes.
  • Brochures and collateral.
  • Search engine optimized text.

More than 25 Different Languages

Successful communication of your message demands not only accurate technical writing but also technical translations that take into account local editorial, legal and cultural differences. Our in-house language skills and network of qualified technical translators enable us to work in more than 25 different European languages. Our translators have specialist technical knowledge in sectors such as electronics, telecommunications and industrial engineering sectors. Whether you need compelling copy for your website, technical text for your data sheets or an inspiration for your social media posts, the Napier team has it covered.

How we deliver the service

Our Copywriting Service:

The key to ensuring copy will be great is finding the right author for each piece. Napier has a large number of technical writers and we take great care to match the right person to each project, ensuring you work with an author who has the background, knowledge and enthusiasm to create engaging and compelling copy for your audience.
Our translators are also carefully matched, ensuring your message is as strong in other languages as it was in the original English text. Our network also includes writers who can create copy directly in a wide range of European languages.

What makes us different

  • With many years of experience generating content for our clients, we have a deep understanding of what will resonate with your audience.
  • Our in-house mix of marketing and technical expertise is unique and allows us to conceive and write any content from simple adverts to technical white papers.
  • We generate content on over 25 different European languages, allowing you to reach every market.

Case Studies

Developing Thought Leadership and Showcasing Client Products

Securing coverage across top European automotive, electronics and testing publications

Increasing SEO Value and Traffic with Content

“The calculator really transformed a simple feature on battery life into something much more interesting that got us both SEO value and PR coverage.”