Sales Enablement

Sales enablement empowers your salespeople to perform at their best. Sales teams struggle to close deals without the right tools and information, and integrating marketing and sales is critical to maximise the conversion of leads to customers. We work with leading B2B technology companies, delivering sales enablement programmes that empower their sales organisations to deliver the revenue growth that the business requires.

Making Sales People More Effective and Successful

With in-house experts and a large roster of outstanding writers and creatives, Napier creates content that educates, engages and motivates your sales teams.

Using a wide range of media, from written content to presentations, webinars and videos, we help you generate high-quality sales training materials that ensure your sales people are highly efficient and effective. Arming sales teams with the right tools and training materials for maximum effect, our training improves the quality of your sales organisations, delivering outstanding RoI.

Lead Scoring, Management and Nurturing

Our expertise in marketing automation will help you build your business relationships and your bottom line. Working with the leading marketing technology platforms such as Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, SharpSpring and Salesforce, we help sales teams identify and nurture the best leads to maximise conversions. Our understanding of technical B2B sales cycles means we provide the right information at the right time to move contacts through the marketing and sales funnels, maximising campaign RoI.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
– Albert Einstein

Portfolio of Sales Enablement Services

Our experience of delivering successful sales enablement projects to our clients includes:

  • Lead generation and scoring
  • Lead nurturing
  • Webinars
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Video and Motion Graphics
  • ABM campaigns
  • Leading sales enablement and marketing automation tools

“The results from this campaign were exactly what we had set out for, within one week of the campaign running, we had a received a ‘Contact Us’ form-fill by our key target account”. Vicor ABM Case Study

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How we Deliver the Service

We work closely with clients’ marketing and sales teams to build a deep understanding of their technologies, products and markets. We analyse the customer journey to identify how prospects can be moved through the funnel more quickly, while assessing the need of the sales team for training and presentation materials to increase their effectiveness.

To view a recent example of our work, check out our ABB ‘What Really Matters’ Video. 

What Makes us Different

  • In-house technical specialists that understand B2B technology.
  • Proactive reuse of content to deliver the best return on investment
  • Focus on increasing prospect velocity through the funnel
  • In-house creative team