BPA International, the most influential audit body for the electronics media, is now BPA Worldwide. The relaunch has brought a funky new logo, and is designed to reflect their “expanding global reach”. At Napier we regularly use audit information as part of the process to help clients select the optimum media, but it is by no means a simple process, nor can it be the only factor in the decision. A circulation audit tells you nothing about whether anyone actually opens the magazine, the time they spend reading it, or whether it is passed on to anyone else to read. For more information about how to compare and evaluate audits, and what other factors you should take into account when selecting media, give me a call.

Interestingly the move from being “International” to “Worldwide” was perhaps a little optimistic: driven by the fact that the BPA now audits in “more than 20 countries” (just 22 currently).